Online bashing and further news

Hey peeps!

So recently we came across a blog post on the site by the guys responsible for another project (grayhatwarfare) that has popped up with features similar to ours. Unfortunately these guys decided to take the word of the folks responsible for [currently offline] as concrete and bash us referring to us as a “copycat”. We certainly are not going to sink to their level and bash them because we feel that would be just as childish and pathetic and besides we are quite impressed with their project. We would just like the opportunity to point out for the record that we have always had various ideas in mind just never put them into practice nor online and feel that ‘buckhacker’ or ‘buck hacker’ is actually a pretty easy and common name to come up with so it would logically stand to reason that someone else might come up with that name too.


As a result of us coming under fire because of the fact we have the same name as someone else with a similar project, we’ve decided to distance ourselves and thus will be redirecting our domain to our new site very soon.

We have also been getting word that our new and recent site design is too close to that of the Gray Hat Warfare ‘Liberty-UI Admin’ template so are in the process of another redesign, however this time we won’t be taking the site offline for maintenance but we will simply put the new design into effect when we set the redirect into motion.

What other features would users like to see on our site? Let us know in the comments.

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