New blog, new thoughts

Hey all!

So we decided it would be an idea to create our own blog to express thoughts as well as address some recent issues.

As of writing this our site is currently undergoing maintenance to add a large list of newly discovered open buckets to the search index so apologies for that. We would also like to address a certain blog post by the owners of which has been posted to this address: as we feel we’re being somewhat bashed in a rather small but petty way.

It is no secret that there are many open Amazon S3 buckets and this has been a constant concern for quite some time going way back before BuckHacker even existed. We have been referred to as, and I quote “we are not related to (copycat)” by the blog post on which in our opinion is a small but rather petty and pathetic way of bashing us and our site when ours looks nothing like ever did! Our site also uses a completely different way of inserting newly discovered buckets as well as the fact ours works and doesn’t collapse under the pressure of lots of user visits.

We’d also like to bring to light the fact that before we decided to call our site The BuckHacker we had already gone through a number of other names. BuckHacker or The BuckHacker are NOT unique names by any means but unlike the guys responsible for that blog post we’re not going to bash their project or call them copycats. Here is a small sample list of the names we originally came up with back in mid 2017:

  • Hacked Bucket Search
  • AWS Bucket Search
  • AwsBuck Searcher
  • Open Bucket Search
  • Open BuckSearch
  • BucketHacker
  • BreachedBuck Search

The list does actually go on quite a bit more but as it can be clearly seen we put some thought into what we were going to call our site. There are no doubt other sites that have exactly the same or similar functionality but again we’re not going to bash these sites instead kudos to them for putting in time and effort.

New Thoughts

Now that we’ve addressed an issue we’d like to share some new thoughts on the project. Ever since we were originally bashed openly by the guys that think they had the original idea, we’ve thought about changing the name of our site. Once again we’ve gone digging into the list of names.

There was once an awesome but simple search tool called ‘Open Facebook Status Search’ which later became ‘Open Status Search’ due to Facebook threatening to have the original domain taken down. It stands to reason that something along the lines of ‘Open Bucket Search’ could easily be created and therefore separating us from the petty guys at BuckHacker who think they own the name.

Anyway that is it for now guys. Drop us your comments or suggestions and keep checking back as the search will be coming back online soon! 🙂

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